Watch “How I Turned My Life Around” on YouTube


How I Turned My Life Around:

I get emotional when I watched this video. Seriously.

I was teary eyed because I don’t get contented what I have. Like, I don’t get satisfied on my clothes, I am jealous of what other people have and I don’t like my body.

Do you know why I don’t like my body? Because other people saying, that girl is so skinny. And other guys or mean girls in the school judging me and pissing me off like, she is skinny and ugly. I want to cry every moment I encounter it. I always hate it.

And I got jealous to my older sister too. Because she is pretty, and a famous one. She gets what she wants (I’m not sure) because she is in my dad’s side. I felt unlucky because I don’t have expensive phone, beautiful dresses or clothes, and fancy accesories.

But after watching the video, I get thankful of what I have, my complete body parts, my family, my friends, my knowledge in school and my achievements. I was lucky that I graduated in elementary and moving on to the new chapter of my life.

I just have to aim a good life. That’s all I have to do.

The lesson I learned from it, is, we have to get contented and satisfied that we have a house to live in, food, and a life.


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