Last Day of our Summer Enhancement Program


Well, our S.E.P. was hopefully done. Hahaha! We’ve learned so many things, lessons, in Math, English, and Science. And our teachers, is a good one too. They’re funny, and so fun to be with. We easily get the lesson when they explain us how to do this, that and blablablabla.

And we also have friends that transferred on our school. I hope they will adjust soon.

This day is so great. I told my friends my stories, and our English teacher too. He is hanging out with us in classroom like he’s a teenager. In our science class, we had our test that is 45 items. I got 33/45. Well, I’m the 3rd of the highest in class. Lol. And in our Math class, we had our lesson. Like it’s not the last day of our S.E.P., and I hate it.

But this S.E.P. is the best. I learned many lesson that I can use in this School Year. So I can achieve my goals in school.

I wish this school year, I can be a topnotcher and not a qualifier anymore.


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