Freshman Life

Reia? Are you ok?
Why are you crying?
Are sure you’re okay?

That was the time I cried a while ago after our flag ceremony. I didn’t cry because of our performance task, but because I’m gonna miss them. Because after our flag ceremony, a song is being played.

This first year of my highschool life was a blast. I experienced all of the luck, opportunities and loss. I experienced being stressed because I’m so pressured. I don’t know how to handle my feelings that’s why I can cry without any reason. I experienced being at the art contest and being one of the candidates. It was memorable since we went to my dream school and I can’t handle my emotions. Like, I was smiling all day and even though we didn’t won, it’s still an experience and once in a lifetime. I also experienced having responsibilities and it is a honor for me. But, I had lots and lots of works to do. This school year, I found myself. I found what I’ve been looking for. I was surprised and didn’t expect that this school year will be an unexpected one. I became a topnotcher. Qualifier, 9.5, 6 and now.. I don’t know. It was a blessing and the fruit of my hardwork. I also knew who my REAL friends are. This school year seems to be short but then, there are so many things that I didn’t knew that will happen to me.

Since I’ll transfer to other school (and it’s toooo faaaaar) I’m gonna miss my friends. I wish I could visit them at some time. Goodluck to my sophomore year.


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