Last Day of School

Damn. The most emotional day of my life indeed. At first, I was trying to hold my tears but then.. I can’t.

It is the ‘I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to go’ feeling. Because, you know. It’s been six years ago when I transferred back then. It is the time that we’re just thinking about toys, cartoons.. but now we’re thinking about love and others that teenagers feel.

It was dismissal time then my classmates approached me and said goodbye.. They also hugged me and said that they’ll miss me. I broke into tears because.. Damn. If you’re in my situation you’ll also feel the love. My section is such a blessing and memorable.

I went out to hug my friends (they’re not my classmates). My friend Lee Anne went out of their room and hugged me tight. We broke into tears and cried, sobbed. My friend Hershey also hugged me and cried because she was carried away and because she knew the feeling of transferring into other school. Lee Anne was also carried away because of me (I’m the one to blame). They didn’t expect to cry but then.. they cried. Lol. Many of my friends cried and bid goodbye. We had a small talk, after that, I said goodbye (because I’m going home).

It was the happiest but the most emotional.. I’m gonna miss them.. So much.


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