Tomorrow’s game of La Salle and Ateneo will be the most memorable game to happen.

De La Salle University's Women's Volleyball Team (commonly called as DLSU Lady Spikers) © Joseph Nebrida of GO ARCHERS

You know, many players will graduate this season, the Phenom (Alyssa Valdez of Ateneo Lady Eagles), Mae Tajima, Amy Ahomiro and the seniors of Lady Spikers — Mika Reyes, Kim Fajardo, Ara Galang, Carol Cerveza, Cyd Demecillo, and Mika Esperanza.

The Seniors (from left to right) Mika Reyes, Mika Esperanza, Kim Fajardo, Carol Cerveza, Cyd Demecillo, Ara Galang

Many fans were sad but happy for them at the same time. Of course! Who will not be happy to see the person you idolize the most, walking at the stage, wearing a toga, and will be receiving a diploma.

There are rumors that Ara Galang is running for Cum Laude though she’s a student – athlete. But back then in her highschool, she’s the Batch Valedictorian. And it is an honor to be a fan of hers.

Back to the subject.

They tied at 1 – 1 in the finals, and tomorrow, it will be their last game (for the seniors) one.last.time.

The first game was in favor of DLSU – it was a 3 straight set sweep. And the second game, was in favor of ADMU. At first two sets, DLSU won it. But ADMU bounced back and did their best so it was a five set game.

In tomorrow’s game, we’ll be expecting a great game because their goal is to win, and to win the trophy for the team – for the school either.

Well, Ateneo has their 2 peat last season 76, 77 and La Salle was in 3peat last season 73, 74 and 75.

Everyone expected the Lady Spikers will bounce back because their hungrier, to win – especially for the seniors.


Well, there’s Mika Reyes! The taft tower of La Salle, Swag Princess, and the Darling of the Crowd. Also! She’s a gender bender for me.


Why gender bender?
I almost became a “tomboy” because of her. When I first saw her, I’m like, “OMYGOD ANG GANDA – GANDA NIYA!” And I always check her accounts for updates and to stalk her. After that “identity crisis” (I’m not freakin’ lying 😂), I became a loyal fan of her.


What is her attitude inside and outside the court?
Well, she uses her swaaaag (that’s why she was called a swag princess) when her team gets a point. Like, she annoys the other team. Ateneo fans were annoyed of her (because they’re newbies, damn). Some fans are below the belt and uses her ex-boyfriend, Kiefer Ravena, to bash her. And because, Kiefer’s present girlfriend is on the Ateneo Volleyball Team, the Phenom. That’s why Mika’s single block to Alyssa was very controversial and a big deal during the first round of the season.

Outside the court, she is a sweet, kind, and a bully (in a good way though). I didn’t met her yet, but my co-fans are posting the happenings of how Mika moves.

Though she didn’t have any awards this season, she prove herself that individual awards isn’t just for great players, because even though you didn’t have individual awards, you must prove yourself that you can play for your team, not just for your own good.

A note to Mika Reyes (though I know she will not see this)
Hi, ate Ye! You know, you inspired me so much, and you are the reason why I loved volleyball even more, though I didn’t do that well, I knew I can do better. You are the first person that I’ve idolized so much. And it’s because you are you. You’re being yourself and you act just the way you are. Thank you for making the volleyball alive. Without you, UAAP will never be the same. I will miss watching you, and I wish I could see you soon. And I wish that you would join PSL or other V-League. And I’m looking forward to that. I love you and I always do! 😚💚 I will miss you playing for La Salle.

And for other players, thank you for doing your best for the team. And some haters predicting that your team will not enter the final four, nahh they’re wrong. I will always support this team. I supported your team because there is something that other teams doesn’t possess (sorry to offend other teams). I will always love your team and we, fans are always here to support the team 🙂

Reia Gabot 💚

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