Reasons to Cry


Many teenagers suffer many problems that causes them to cry for too long. And for me, it’s not that easy to recover from pain. Not physical.. but emotional. Though both hurts, still, having emotional pain is harder.

This post is about the causes for a teenager to cry or suffer.

1. Having a broken family.

Though some teenagers’ parents broke up/divorced for a long time, even after giving birth to you, some teens do feel affected and hurt about it. Because having a complete family nowadays is just so hard to find. That’s why they cry about it. Me, too, feel envy about it.

2. Relationship Break-Ups.

Many girls cry because of their love lives and they cry because their relationship ended so bad. They cry because they still love their exes (of course, why would you cry for someone if you don’t love them.. dude) and because they’ll miss the moments they’ve shared.. that’s now a memory.

3. Their identities.

Some teens find themselves in the stage of puberty, this is where we find – rather discover ourselves of where we’re capable of. We also discover our hobbies, our perks and pet peeves, and also our identity. Some teenagers feel they’re lesbian or gay, and they’re afraid to get punished or scolded. Sometimes, their parents knew and their parents can’t accept it.

4. Expectations.

Some people do expect higher than anything can happen, I experienced this for a while and it really can make you cry. Because when you can’t reach their expectations, they’ll be disappointed and they can’t even say, “Better luck next time!” or “It’s fine.” to you. I also feel mad about it because she can’t accept the fact that it’s not enough. Why would she expect if she didn’t make a way to make it better? Not enough consideration for me. But then, many teens gets pressured because they can’t reach other people’s expectation or rather, they’re afraid that others will just get disappointed.

5. Bullied or being judged.

Many are so judgmental as if they’re so goddamn perfect. Why not they look at themselves before they judge others? Like, all of the flaws they can see in you is so big deal. WTF.

6. Illegitimate Child.

As a matter of fact, it is something to be proud of. Because our mothers didn’t plan to abort their child even though their child’s father isn’t married to them. But then, it’s really heartbreaking because they cry because they feel that they aren’t part of the family. Especially when you have your half siblings. It’s not that they’re envy, but, here are some reasons:

  • lack of attention
  • lack of love
  • not the same treatment on your half sibling
  • being left alone
  • comparing you and your half sibling

It’s really a depressing part of life, being forgotten, and not having the same treatment unlike them. And you’ll feel you’re not part of the family. That’s why some of them is just quiet as they could be, because if they’ll say anything negative, you’ll always be the one to get mad of. And it’s really unfair, even though you sacrifice your own happiness, you’ll always be the one to suffer. It really sucks.

And now, those are the reasons why people do cry — especially, teens.

If there’s something I didn’t — rather forgot to incude, you can share it with me, just comment below! 😄

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📷: reiagabot


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