My birthday was a blast! It is the best day indeed ☺

With my friends, Bianca, Erin, Elisha, Marge, Ivan and James, I decided to celebrate my birthday with them. We went to the studio for us to cover some of the songs that we like to do a cover. Surprisingly, they surprised me with a box of my favorite pizza! I was so delighted and touched when they started singing “Happy Birthday” to me. I didn’t really expected that to happen. And I was so glad. After that, Bianca, Marge and James decided to go to the nearest mall because they’re not going to make a cover with us. So along with Elisha (the other vocalist) we made song covers.

After making a few covers, we decided to go to the nearest mall over there to eat. 

After eating, we decided to take a walk and have a window shopping 😂. We made many things, really. We had a picture of us in the elevator, we had the same denim polo shirts and fit it on the fitting room even it isn’t our actual sizes. We wore hats and had the “Amen” pose, had a mannequin challenge in the escalator 😂. We did so much crazy things and those were the memories that I won’t ever forget. It’s the best birthday for me indeed.


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