Goodbye 2016; Hello 2017!

2016 is a great year for me though. Even it made us experience a tough situation, I’m still grateful that we surpassed those mishaps and it made us realize many things. We learned many lessons, even in family, even in friends. 2016 had me at my best, and also at my worst.  I achieved my goals, I experienced what I want to, and not to.

In 2016, I experienced to love and to be loved, I felt to be special. I also experienced how to face mishaps. Heartbreaks, being replaced.

I’m glad that I spent this year with the people I love, but somehow, I also lost people who spent 2016 with me that I wouldn’t be spending my 2017 with them. It’s for the good though, but expect the unexpected. They might return, or not.

I’m thankful that another year had passed, and now, we’re welcoming 2017! And I hope this year would be a great year – not only for me, but for everyone existing in this world. Before the year ends, let’s forgive and forget! Let’s end this year living without any worries and troubles.

Hakuna Matata – it means no worries, for the rest of your days.

I think we all know that song, right? If you don’t, then… Hakuna Matata (from the movie “The Lion King”)

So, these are the people I spent my 2016 with..


UP: Me and my sister DOWN: Me and my mom

Some people came into my life may give me troubles, but we must not forget how they came in, with joy, and friendship. These people made my year great. I realized many things with them, I learned many things with them.

I also achieved many things, I experienced many things.


I experienced entering my dream school where my favorite player studies (that time, she’s not yet graduating. But now, she recently graduated) where I competed on a poster making competition where many schools also competed. I became a topnotcher in our school, over all. That’s what I dreamt just before I’m entering my high school life. To receive awards and medallions. And I made it! I received three. Best in Conduct Award, Liturgical Award, and 5th Honor. I transferred to other school, that’s why I met these people. And also, I had my first award in arts this year, in a poster making competition, I ranked 2nd. Also in the following competition, I ranked 2nd.

This year’s been a blessing to me. I’ve been through a lot this year. But even though we’re receiving many blessings, we must not be that complacent and we must be aware every time.

2016 have been a great year for me. I wish 2017 will be greater. 🙂


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