I’m just an average girl.

Many people told me I’m perfect, that I can draw, I can play various instruments like violin, piano, and a little bit of ukulele, that I’m smart, and beautiful.

But I’m not.

I’m just an average girl.

I’m not rich, I don’t travel as much as others do, and I don’t spend a lot of money.

I also get critized. I get critized because I can’t do any good, despite of getting many achievements, no one told me that they’re proud of me when I got qualified as one of the achievers in our school, when I got 2nd place in poster making competition, when I became part of Student Council. They’re just “okay” because it’s just a low position. I get compared. Because I suck at fashion, I’m not having luxuries, because I’m not getting any better, because I’m just a burden and I can’t buy the things that my family wants. 

Many told me I was too happy because I smile a lot at school. Because life is too short to be stressed about the stupid little things.

But when reality hit me, I can’t smile anymore. When people started to leave me, I can’t scream and ask them to stay. Because I don’t have the right to make them stay, I have to let them go.

When I told them my problems, they just said, “It’s not their fault, it’s your fault, it’s your problem.”

All of us has flaws
, even rich people, poor people, has problems and misfortunes.

So if you think you’re unfortunate because life is unfair to you, think about it again. You’re not the only one who suffers from pain. Remember that.


POEM: Matagal tagal na rin

Matagal tagal na rin
Isinulat ni: Reia Gabot

Matagal tagal na rin
Kamusta ka na nga ba?
Balita ko masaya ka na
Eto ako, hindi pa

Matagal tagal na rin pala yung panahong hinawakan mo ang aking kamay
Sinabing hindi pakakawalan dahil ito’y iyong ikamamatay
Pero, ikaw ang umalis
Kahit labag sa aking puso’t isip

Matagal tagal na rin pala nung ako’y huling kinilig
Sa mga salitang mala rosas sa ganda
Na naakit ako at nagpadala
Kahit alam kong ito’y malalanta rin pala

Matagal tagal na rin yung panahong ako’y naging tanga
Na masaya ako na ika’y kasama,
Na akala ko ay ako lang ang sinta,
Yun pala’y meron pang isa.

Ang tagal na rin pala,
Pero ang nararamdaman ko hanggang ngayon ay nandito pa.
Binibilang ko ang mga araw, linggo, buwan, kung hanggang saan ako tatagal
Sana ay hindi na,
Dahil ako’y pagod na pagod na.
Pagod na akong maramdaman lahat ng sakit na idinulot mo sa akin,
Pagod na rin akong maisip na ang tibok ng puso ko ay iaw pa rin,
Pagod na akong magmakaawa na ako’y iyong mahalin at sabihin sayo na sana ako pa rin.

Kasi kahit kailan ay hinangad ko lang ang kasiyahan mo sa aking piling,
Na kahit iyon lang ang gusto kong mangyari, at iyon lang ang aking hiling.
Pero mukhang wala nang pag-asa,
Pero hanggang ngayon ay patuloy pa rin akong umaasa.

Kay tagal tagal na rin pala,
noong panahong ako’y mahal mo pa.

Goodbye 2016; Hello 2017!

2016 is a great year for me though. Even it made us experience a tough situation, I’m still grateful that we surpassed those mishaps and it made us realize many things. We learned many lessons, even in family, even in friends. 2016 had me at my best, and also at my worst.  I achieved my goals, I experienced what I want to, and not to.

In 2016, I experienced to love and to be loved, I felt to be special. I also experienced how to face mishaps. Heartbreaks, being replaced.

I’m glad that I spent this year with the people I love, but somehow, I also lost people who spent 2016 with me that I wouldn’t be spending my 2017 with them. It’s for the good though, but expect the unexpected. They might return, or not.

I’m thankful that another year had passed, and now, we’re welcoming 2017! And I hope this year would be a great year – not only for me, but for everyone existing in this world. Before the year ends, let’s forgive and forget! Let’s end this year living without any worries and troubles.

Hakuna Matata – it means no worries, for the rest of your days.

I think we all know that song, right? If you don’t, then… Hakuna Matata (from the movie “The Lion King”)

So, these are the people I spent my 2016 with..



UP: Me and my sister DOWN: Me and my mom

Some people came into my life may give me troubles, but we must not forget how they came in, with joy, and friendship. These people made my year great. I realized many things with them, I learned many things with them.

I also achieved many things, I experienced many things.


I experienced entering my dream school where my favorite player studies (that time, she’s not yet graduating. But now, she recently graduated) where I competed on a poster making competition where many schools also competed. I became a topnotcher in our school, over all. That’s what I dreamt just before I’m entering my high school life. To receive awards and medallions. And I made it! I received three. Best in Conduct Award, Liturgical Award, and 5th Honor. I transferred to other school, that’s why I met these people. And also, I had my first award in arts this year, in a poster making competition, I ranked 2nd. Also in the following competition, I ranked 2nd.

This year’s been a blessing to me. I’ve been through a lot this year. But even though we’re receiving many blessings, we must not be that complacent and we must be aware every time.

2016 have been a great year for me. I wish 2017 will be greater. 🙂

POEM: Hanggang Dito Nalang

Hanggang Dito Nalang
Isinulat ni: Reia Gabot

Sabi ko, mamahalin kita hanggang dulo
Na hindi ako magsasawang sabihing mahal kita
Mamahalin ka kahit ang puso’y nag durugo
Mamahalin ka kahit pumuti man ang buhok

Bumalot sa aking isipan ang pagkatakot
Ang pagkatakot na ika’y mawala bigla
Dahil sa aking sinirang pangako sa sarili ko
Ang sinirang pangako para lang ika’y makasama

Pero nag-iba ang ihip ng hangin
Dumating sa panahong ako’y di mo na pinapansin
Bigla kang bumitaw sa’kin
Na walang pahintulot, na ako’y iiwan mo rin

Araw-araw, sa silid nag-iisa
Masasayang araw nati’y iniisip sa magdamag
Gabi-gabi, sa silid nag-iisa
Umiiyak at nagdadalamhati, nangangarap na ika’y mahagkan pa

Gusto kong kumapit, kahit na masakit
Umiiyak at naninikip itong dibdib
Parang nakakapit sa patalim
Umaasang ika’y babalik sa akin

Mahal, ikaw pa rin
Pero sa puntong ito, ako’y napapagod din.
Mahal, sana ako nalang ulit
Hindi ko alam kung bakit mo ako pinagpalit

Hanggang dito nalang,
Mahal, ayoko pa
Kahit isang saglit lang,
Malaman mo na mahal kita at ika’y mahalaga

Pero mahal, salamat
Salamat dahil ako sayo’y natuto
Nalaman na dapat ako’y hindi agad magtiwala
Dahil hindi ko alam kung ako ba’y pinaglaruan mo lang

Salamat, patawad
Sa hindi inaasahang panahon ika’y dumating,
At ikaw rin ay umalis
Lahat nga pala ng bagay may hangganan
Kaya mahal, hanggang dito nalang


“When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.” – Ellen DeGeneres

Failure is the word that anyone wouldn’t want, that anyone is scared of.

But for me, having failure is perfectly normal. Why? It’s because people make mistakes. But after that mistake, we should know how to change what we lack. There’s no such thing as giving up when we make mistakes. They say that “even the best fall down sometimes” and it’s true. It’s not always that we’re above them, sometimes, we have our weaknesses that makes us fall without knowing.

A good example of it was our competition lately, we are known best among the rest during competitions at our school. We often have awards every time we participate on competitions, we always fight with pride.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win, even a place. We fell.

We saw our opponent cheering and celebrating when they get a place while us… just a normal and blank face. I kept saying “it’s okay” and keeping them positive, but it has no effect. They say that this is the first time they didn’t get a place.

And I must say, they really want to win.

Of course, I also want to win. But, I can’t see the “hard work”that they want to win. No offense, though. It’s because we lack of having motivation and it seems like we don’t have their support. And that causes us to lose, to fall.

That loss didn’t affect me that much. Why? Because I already embraced that loss and I know that it’s not only my loss. But our loss. And I know that soon, we’ll stand and fight again. Conquering our fears and weaknesses that causes us to fall, but we’ll come back strong and ready to win the fight.

Failure made me realize many things.

Failure is also a blessing in disguise. As I said, it makes me realize things that I’m not good enough. Failure made me rise from being “nothing”. I learned how to lose, how to embrace misfortunes, and how to stand up from falling.

I must say, that it’s okay to fail. Only if we change and replace what we lack, that leads us to success. And it would be worth it.

🐦: @reiagabot   📷: reiagabot


My birthday was a blast! It is the best day indeed ☺

With my friends, Bianca, Erin, Elisha, Marge, Ivan and James, I decided to celebrate my birthday with them. We went to the studio for us to cover some of the songs that we like to do a cover. Surprisingly, they surprised me with a box of my favorite pizza! I was so delighted and touched when they started singing “Happy Birthday” to me. I didn’t really expected that to happen. And I was so glad. After that, Bianca, Marge and James decided to go to the nearest mall because they’re not going to make a cover with us. So along with Elisha (the other vocalist) we made song covers.

After making a few covers, we decided to go to the nearest mall over there to eat. 

After eating, we decided to take a walk and have a window shopping 😂. We made many things, really. We had a picture of us in the elevator, we had the same denim polo shirts and fit it on the fitting room even it isn’t our actual sizes. We wore hats and had the “Amen” pose, had a mannequin challenge in the escalator 😂. We did so much crazy things and those were the memories that I won’t ever forget. It’s the best birthday for me indeed.


It’s been a month since the first day of school and the most frightening day of my life, I didn’t even know what to do, I feel like I’m fainting  from standing on the front of my new school. Whispering to myself like, “fudge, I don’t wanna go in”, “sht, you can do this reia, believe yourself you can”. Thousands of sinful words came on my mind and mouth. And I really can’t eat that time. I think it’s because i’m super duper freaking mega ultra nervous that time and I don’t know how to make friends. It’s because I spent my 6 years on my old school, and it’s really a big change for me. You know, I came from a city and transferring on a province. Though they’re the same from people in the city, it’s still different. You may ask why.. it’s because they have culture that a “city person” didn’t know. Filipinos have that term, “taong bundok” on someone that didn’t know a simple thing. And I call myself as “taong siyudad” because i don’t know their culture. hahahahahhaha lol.

My month being a luxian is really a big change for me though. My school’s name is “Fiat Lux Academe” (pronounced as fi-yat luks a-ka-dim). They have the things that my old school didn’t have and they didn’t have the things that my old school have.

Their clubs and organizations are completely different – in a good way though. They have FLARE (Dance), FLAMES (Sing), FLAMBEAU (Journalism/School Paper), FLAGS (Theater), Varsities (Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball etc.), and Interest clubs such as Artists’ Guild, Geek club, FLA Shots, Guitarists’ Guild, Cyclists’ Society, and something about cosplay. They also have their club fair, e.nig.ma, fiathletics (Intrams) and etc etc. And they really have great facilities – except the comfort room though. HAHAHAHA.

During morning assembly, we have to recite the prayer, academe’s philosophy, mission statement, and the core values – well, except for monday. During mondays, we’re having our flag ceremony where FLAMES (Fiat Lux Academe’s Music Enthusiasts Society) is on the stage to sing the national anthem, the Dasmarinas Hymn, and our school’s hymn. We also recite Panatang Makabayan and Panunumpa sa Watawat ng Pilipinas.

After the assembly, we are supposed to go to our designated classroom and to our designated seats. Our schedule are 2 hrs per subject. It’s better than I thought. Haha! And our canteen is not your typical canteen, there are many gazebos and it’s the place we eat our food. The fresh air.. ahhhh.

I must say, I’m 83% adjusting as of now. Lol. Well, I’m trying to make friends and luckily, I have made many friends and I hope nothing won’t change. I  hope everything will be perfectly normal in the coming days, weeks, and months. Just keep in touch. Haha!

I hope I will enjoy my stay there. 🙂