Christina Grimmie is one of the young artists in the world. She’s a 22-year-old singer who auditioned for The Voice 2014 and won 2nd place.

I became a fan during her era at The Voice. I admit, she’s really admirable, not just because of her voice, but also her attitude. You know that she’s a good person.

She died at Orlando, Florida during her concert with the Before You Exit band. She was shot by an unknown person, and the suspect also shot himself.

It’s really devastating to hear the news of how she died. I cried and cried when I heard the news. Look, she didn’t deserve being shot because after all, she didn’t even do anything wrong.

I hope the family can find peace and justice. Christina is always in our hearts, not always, but forever.

Christina Grimmie (March 12, 1994 – June 11, 2016)
May you rest in peace.



Reasons to Cry


Many teenagers suffer many problems that causes them to cry for too long. And for me, it’s not that easy to recover from pain. Not physical.. but emotional. Though both hurts, still, having emotional pain is harder.

This post is about the causes for a teenager to cry or suffer.

1. Having a broken family.

Though some teenagers’ parents broke up/divorced for a long time, even after giving birth to you, some teens do feel affected and hurt about it. Because having a complete family nowadays is just so hard to find. That’s why they cry about it. Me, too, feel envy about it.

2. Relationship Break-Ups.

Many girls cry because of their love lives and they cry because their relationship ended so bad. They cry because they still love their exes (of course, why would you cry for someone if you don’t love them.. dude) and because they’ll miss the moments they’ve shared.. that’s now a memory.

3. Their identities.

Some teens find themselves in the stage of puberty, this is where we find – rather discover ourselves of where we’re capable of. We also discover our hobbies, our perks and pet peeves, and also our identity. Some teenagers feel they’re lesbian or gay, and they’re afraid to get punished or scolded. Sometimes, their parents knew and their parents can’t accept it.

4. Expectations.

Some people do expect higher than anything can happen, I experienced this for a while and it really can make you cry. Because when you can’t reach their expectations, they’ll be disappointed and they can’t even say, “Better luck next time!” or “It’s fine.” to you. I also feel mad about it because she can’t accept the fact that it’s not enough. Why would she expect if she didn’t make a way to make it better? Not enough consideration for me. But then, many teens gets pressured because they can’t reach other people’s expectation or rather, they’re afraid that others will just get disappointed.

5. Bullied or being judged.

Many are so judgmental as if they’re so goddamn perfect. Why not they look at themselves before they judge others? Like, all of the flaws they can see in you is so big deal. WTF.

6. Illegitimate Child.

As a matter of fact, it is something to be proud of. Because our mothers didn’t plan to abort their child even though their child’s father isn’t married to them. But then, it’s really heartbreaking because they cry because they feel that they aren’t part of the family. Especially when you have your half siblings. It’s not that they’re envy, but, here are some reasons:

  • lack of attention
  • lack of love
  • not the same treatment on your half sibling
  • being left alone
  • comparing you and your half sibling

It’s really a depressing part of life, being forgotten, and not having the same treatment unlike them. And you’ll feel you’re not part of the family. That’s why some of them is just quiet as they could be, because if they’ll say anything negative, you’ll always be the one to get mad of. And it’s really unfair, even though you sacrifice your own happiness, you’ll always be the one to suffer. It really sucks.

And now, those are the reasons why people do cry — especially, teens.

If there’s something I didn’t — rather forgot to incude, you can share it with me, just comment below! 😄

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First Day Jitters

I’m really excited at my new school! But then, I’m sad because I’m too far away from my friends. Well, we all have to accept it.

I’m having this feeling that I might have no friends, or person to get to know with. Yeah, and it might happen, because I really am a timid person.. a shy one. Though I have friends, but before joining them, I’m actually a quiet one. Especially if the person’s older than me. I’m now trying to gain confidence by talking to my internet friends, or my sister’s.

I don’t even know if I would have friends.. And actually, I don’t wanna go to school. Hahaha. Because I don’t know what will happen to me… Ugh. How to overcome this fear?!

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DUTERTE: Para Sa Pagbabago

As Duterte being the 16th President of the Philippines, though many people don’t like him, but the rest supports him.

Rodrigo “Rody or Digong” Duterte is a former City Mayor of Davao City — one of the safest cities in the whole world. It ranked 4th as of month of June. Davao City is one of the places that has 911 rescues. USA, Canada, and Davao are the only places to have 911. Duterte is also the first local government to give goods to the Yolanda victims (internationally called “Haiyan”).

Duterte is one of the toughest politician in the world of politics. He bacame a lawyer, congressman, vice mayor, and a city mayor for decades. Though, being tough didn’t stop him to rule the city — and the country. He also said that at first, being a mayor is not his thing. But for me, I think he loved it. And it is also an honor to Davao to be ranked 4th as one of the safest cities in the world.

But my question is, how can he rule the country because for me.. Davao is just a small city comparing to a country (of course). And some mayors don’t do their job well. Comparing to Duterte, he’s hella one of the greatest mayors — or should I say, the greatest and the wisest mayor in the Philippines. It’s kinda hard to rule a third world country. I’m not degrading my own country but I must say that Philippines can’t rise without the help of Filipinos. One must contribute and change their own and obey the rules.

Pagbabago – change. We must change ourselves in a good way. We can’t have a great president if we don’t have our great personality. Just like in school, in class.. Groupings. Each group has a leader. I experienced being a leader many times and I have observed, that one must coordinate and help the leader, because if we are helping and doing the project together, we’ll create something different (in a good way).

He told the media that he will start the change on him. He’ll wake up early instead of waking up at noon. I think it’s because he rounds at the city during midnight that’s why his body clock wakes up at noon.

I just want to say that we must start change in ourselves if we want to change the country so bad. We must obey the rules and we must possess self respect and to overcome temptation. If we live in a world full of temptation, we can’t have the good and beautiful life that we pursue.

We must not rely only in Duterte. We, too, have to coordinate and help each other to grow. That’s how the country grows. With the help of everybody. And if we achieved that kind of growth, we must be consistent until the very end.

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inlove with art

I’m soooo inlove with art, art materials, and artworks.

I drew many sketches and I have painted many paintings using watercolor. I love doing artworks especially when I’m in the mood to do it.

My first drawing was a disney princess when I was in 3rd grade. Though the hands is not beautiful but then the rest of it, is perfect. It was the first artwork that I can be proud of. I can’t post a picture of it because I misplaced it and also, it was a long time ago.

After that, I stopped drawing and because of that, my artworks were not as beautiful like I did. But then, when I’m on my 6th grade, I was bored that time and decided to draw a realistic but a monochromatic flower. That’s my 1st for the second time. After that, I continued drawing flowers. My artworks gained many likes in facebook until I’m in the 7th grade. I was brought into other school to compete on an art competition about astronomy. Sadly, I didn’t won but it’s fine. I became interested in watercolors so my mom bought me Reeves watercolor and  my dad bought me 2 Berkeley watercolor pads, a big and a small pad. He also bought me a cheap watercolor brush since it was my first time to paint watercolor. I started to search for tutorials for me to learn more and at the first try, my artwork will be beautiful.

(My works are at the Art Ga.lle.ry in my blog)

Everytime we’re going to a mall, we’re going to a bookstore or an art store to search for art materials.

For me, art is so important in our life, even God, uses art in all forms. Art also keeps me away from being stressed, and it makes my soul happy.

Art is the best thing that God has ever made. If we are living without art, our world might be black and white, and not as colorful as we expected. 🎨

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Tomorrow’s game of La Salle and Ateneo will be the most memorable game to happen.


De La Salle University's Women's Volleyball Team (commonly called as DLSU Lady Spikers) © Joseph Nebrida of GO ARCHERS

You know, many players will graduate this season, the Phenom (Alyssa Valdez of Ateneo Lady Eagles), Mae Tajima, Amy Ahomiro and the seniors of Lady Spikers — Mika Reyes, Kim Fajardo, Ara Galang, Carol Cerveza, Cyd Demecillo, and Mika Esperanza.


The Seniors (from left to right) Mika Reyes, Mika Esperanza, Kim Fajardo, Carol Cerveza, Cyd Demecillo, Ara Galang

Many fans were sad but happy for them at the same time. Of course! Who will not be happy to see the person you idolize the most, walking at the stage, wearing a toga, and will be receiving a diploma.

There are rumors that Ara Galang is running for Cum Laude though she’s a student – athlete. But back then in her highschool, she’s the Batch Valedictorian. And it is an honor to be a fan of hers.

Back to the subject.

They tied at 1 – 1 in the finals, and tomorrow, it will be their last game (for the seniors) one.last.time.

The first game was in favor of DLSU – it was a 3 straight set sweep. And the second game, was in favor of ADMU. At first two sets, DLSU won it. But ADMU bounced back and did their best so it was a five set game.

In tomorrow’s game, we’ll be expecting a great game because their goal is to win, and to win the trophy for the team – for the school either.

Well, Ateneo has their 2 peat last season 76, 77 and La Salle was in 3peat last season 73, 74 and 75.

Everyone expected the Lady Spikers will bounce back because their hungrier, to win – especially for the seniors.


Well, there’s Mika Reyes! The taft tower of La Salle, Swag Princess, and the Darling of the Crowd. Also! She’s a gender bender for me.


Why gender bender?
I almost became a “tomboy” because of her. When I first saw her, I’m like, “OMYGOD ANG GANDA – GANDA NIYA!” And I always check her accounts for updates and to stalk her. After that “identity crisis” (I’m not freakin’ lying 😂), I became a loyal fan of her.


What is her attitude inside and outside the court?
Well, she uses her swaaaag (that’s why she was called a swag princess) when her team gets a point. Like, she annoys the other team. Ateneo fans were annoyed of her (because they’re newbies, damn). Some fans are below the belt and uses her ex-boyfriend, Kiefer Ravena, to bash her. And because, Kiefer’s present girlfriend is on the Ateneo Volleyball Team, the Phenom. That’s why Mika’s single block to Alyssa was very controversial and a big deal during the first round of the season.

Outside the court, she is a sweet, kind, and a bully (in a good way though). I didn’t met her yet, but my co-fans are posting the happenings of how Mika moves.

Though she didn’t have any awards this season, she prove herself that individual awards isn’t just for great players, because even though you didn’t have individual awards, you must prove yourself that you can play for your team, not just for your own good.

A note to Mika Reyes (though I know she will not see this)
Hi, ate Ye! You know, you inspired me so much, and you are the reason why I loved volleyball even more, though I didn’t do that well, I knew I can do better. You are the first person that I’ve idolized so much. And it’s because you are you. You’re being yourself and you act just the way you are. Thank you for making the volleyball alive. Without you, UAAP will never be the same. I will miss watching you, and I wish I could see you soon. And I wish that you would join PSL or other V-League. And I’m looking forward to that. I love you and I always do! 😚💚 I will miss you playing for La Salle.

And for other players, thank you for doing your best for the team. And some haters predicting that your team will not enter the final four, nahh they’re wrong. I will always support this team. I supported your team because there is something that other teams doesn’t possess (sorry to offend other teams). I will always love your team and we, fans are always here to support the team 🙂

Reia Gabot 💚

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Last Day of School

Damn. The most emotional day of my life indeed. At first, I was trying to hold my tears but then.. I can’t.

It is the ‘I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to go’ feeling. Because, you know. It’s been six years ago when I transferred back then. It is the time that we’re just thinking about toys, cartoons.. but now we’re thinking about love and others that teenagers feel.

It was dismissal time then my classmates approached me and said goodbye.. They also hugged me and said that they’ll miss me. I broke into tears because.. Damn. If you’re in my situation you’ll also feel the love. My section is such a blessing and memorable.

I went out to hug my friends (they’re not my classmates). My friend Lee Anne went out of their room and hugged me tight. We broke into tears and cried, sobbed. My friend Hershey also hugged me and cried because she was carried away and because she knew the feeling of transferring into other school. Lee Anne was also carried away because of me (I’m the one to blame). They didn’t expect to cry but then.. they cried. Lol. Many of my friends cried and bid goodbye. We had a small talk, after that, I said goodbye (because I’m going home).

It was the happiest but the most emotional.. I’m gonna miss them.. So much.