“When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.” – Ellen DeGeneres

Failure is the word that anyone wouldn’t want, that anyone is scared of.

But for me, having failure is perfectly normal. Why? It’s because people make mistakes. But after that mistake, we should know how to change what we lack. There’s no such thing as giving up when we make mistakes. They say that “even the best fall down sometimes” and it’s true. It’s not always that we’re above them, sometimes, we have our weaknesses that makes us fall without knowing.

A good example of it was our competition lately, we are known best among the rest during competitions at our school. We often have awards every time we participate on competitions, we always fight with pride.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win, even a place. We fell.

We saw our opponent cheering and celebrating when they get a place while us… just a normal and blank face. I kept saying “it’s okay” and keeping them positive, but it has no effect. They say that this is the first time they didn’t get a place.

And I must say, they really want to win.

Of course, I also want to win. But, I can’t see the “hard work”that they want to win. No offense, though. It’s because we lack of having motivation and it seems like we don’t have their support. And that causes us to lose, to fall.

That loss didn’t affect me that much. Why? Because I already embraced that loss and I know that it’s not only my loss. But our loss. And I know that soon, we’ll stand and fight again. Conquering our fears and weaknesses that causes us to fall, but we’ll come back strong and ready to win the fight.

Failure made me realize many things.

Failure is also a blessing in disguise. As I said, it makes me realize things that I’m not good enough. Failure made me rise from being “nothing”. I learned how to lose, how to embrace misfortunes, and how to stand up from falling.

I must say, that it’s okay to fail. Only if we change and replace what we lack, that leads us to success. And it would be worth it.

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It’s been a month since the first day of school and the most frightening day of my life, I didn’t even know what to do, I feel like I’m fainting  from standing on the front of my new school. Whispering to myself like, “fudge, I don’t wanna go in”, “sht, you can do this reia, believe yourself you can”. Thousands of sinful words came on my mind and mouth. And I really can’t eat that time. I think it’s because i’m super duper freaking mega ultra nervous that time and I don’t know how to make friends. It’s because I spent my 6 years on my old school, and it’s really a big change for me. You know, I came from a city and transferring on a province. Though they’re the same from people in the city, it’s still different. You may ask why.. it’s because they have culture that a “city person” didn’t know. Filipinos have that term, “taong bundok” on someone that didn’t know a simple thing. And I call myself as “taong siyudad” because i don’t know their culture. hahahahahhaha lol.

My month being a luxian is really a big change for me though. My school’s name is “Fiat Lux Academe” (pronounced as fi-yat luks a-ka-dim). They have the things that my old school didn’t have and they didn’t have the things that my old school have.

Their clubs and organizations are completely different – in a good way though. They have FLARE (Dance), FLAMES (Sing), FLAMBEAU (Journalism/School Paper), FLAGS (Theater), Varsities (Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball etc.), and Interest clubs such as Artists’ Guild, Geek club, FLA Shots, Guitarists’ Guild, Cyclists’ Society, and something about cosplay. They also have their club fair,, fiathletics (Intrams) and etc etc. And they really have great facilities – except the comfort room though. HAHAHAHA.

During morning assembly, we have to recite the prayer, academe’s philosophy, mission statement, and the core values – well, except for monday. During mondays, we’re having our flag ceremony where FLAMES (Fiat Lux Academe’s Music Enthusiasts Society) is on the stage to sing the national anthem, the Dasmarinas Hymn, and our school’s hymn. We also recite Panatang Makabayan and Panunumpa sa Watawat ng Pilipinas.

After the assembly, we are supposed to go to our designated classroom and to our designated seats. Our schedule are 2 hrs per subject. It’s better than I thought. Haha! And our canteen is not your typical canteen, there are many gazebos and it’s the place we eat our food. The fresh air.. ahhhh.

I must say, I’m 83% adjusting as of now. Lol. Well, I’m trying to make friends and luckily, I have made many friends and I hope nothing won’t change. I  hope everything will be perfectly normal in the coming days, weeks, and months. Just keep in touch. Haha!

I hope I will enjoy my stay there. 🙂

First Day Jitters

I’m really excited at my new school! But then, I’m sad because I’m too far away from my friends. Well, we all have to accept it.

I’m having this feeling that I might have no friends, or person to get to know with. Yeah, and it might happen, because I really am a timid person.. a shy one. Though I have friends, but before joining them, I’m actually a quiet one. Especially if the person’s older than me. I’m now trying to gain confidence by talking to my internet friends, or my sister’s.

I don’t even know if I would have friends.. And actually, I don’t wanna go to school. Hahaha. Because I don’t know what will happen to me… Ugh. How to overcome this fear?!

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Summer Enhancement


And I changed my mind, I’ll go to the Summer Enhancement Program!!! Yes. Seriously.

I’m glad my grandmother allowed me to go to that activity. I thought she’ll not allow me. She’s not strict but I just thought.

I can make friends!! I’m so excited af sorry for that. I’m just sooo excited! Well, I’ll get to see my friends also but yeah, I missed them too. 🙂

I love studying, but sometimes, I don’t. Hahaha.

I’ll go to sleep now because it’s already 11:37 PM and have to rest because the start of the class is 7:30 AM. It’s so early but I have to. Ughh.

So, goodnight!! I wish I’ll have a lucky day tomorrow!! 🙂


It’s morning.

sunriseI’m going to school today because I have to buy books and notebooks because June 9 is the start of our class. Well, our school calendar is different. Right? Hahaha.

There’s also summer enhancement in our school but I don’t want to go there because its summer! I want to spend summer while its not the start of the class.

I just don’t want to get pressured. They said there are many transferees and we don’t know where’s the smart ones. So.. we don’t have any idea.

Well.. so now.. we’re going to school so bye!! Gotta go 🙂

PS. Just notebooks and PE Uniform. Hehe 🙂